10 possible reasons you are still unemployed


Wondering why you still don’t have a job? These ten possible reasons will make it clear why.

1.  You are not aligning your background and experience with jobs. You want a certain job but that job requires two or three years experience that you don’t have or that job is in a field you aren’t familiar with.

2.  You did not proofread your cover letter and resume. Proofread your cover letter and resume. It’s the first impression you make on employers.

3.  Your cover letter is too generic. You sent out the same cover letter to hundreds of employers and employers can tell. This sends the impression that you don’t care enough to customize your cover letter.

4.  Your resume is too long so employers won’t read it or it is too short so employers think you don’t have experience. Make your resume about a page.

5.  You apply for companies you don’t know anything about and it shows. In your cover letter, you should mention why you want to work for that particular company and the information on the company should be accurate.

6.  You do not network with people. Go to current vacancies in Nigeria and give your card out to many people in your field.

7.  You are not making the best impression in interviews. Make sure you are dressed professionally and are confident.

8.  You’re not applying to different kinds of jobs. If you have experience in more than one field, apply to jobs in as many fields as you are qualified.

9.  You do not seem excited about the job. Employers want to know that you are passionate about the job.

10.  You are giving up too quickly. Keep on applying for jobs and be patient. You will get a job! `

why do people believe in astrology

Many studies have been done which have shown that confirmation bias is one of the main factors which contributes to the widespread belief in astrology. People who belive in astrology will tend to selectively remember the predictions which turn out to be true, while forgetting the predictions which turn out to be false. As well as this, believers fail to see the difference between messages that show a special ability and messages which don’t. There are many reasons why people believe in astrology but ultimatlely its seems to be about getting answers and understanding personal situations and life’s difficulties.

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new diet – lemon diet

There are many different attempts that people are making to lose weight. A lot of them will not work. In many cases, it is because people are trying to lose weight just to look better as opposed to trying to get healthier. Many of these diets are fads. A lot of the diets will sound good on the surface, but the more sensible minded will see a lot of flaws in the diet. As a matter of fact, many diets seem to be designed for people with special condition. However, there are certain diets that will work for most people due to the fact that the focus is not just on weight loss, but on health.


One of the better types of diet is the lemon water diet plan. This is a great diet to consider because it will not only help you lose fat, but it will also cleanse your body due to the nutrients that the lemon has. Lemon is an antiseptic type of fruit. It also has a lot of different nutrients that will help your body break down and get rid of the toxins. Your body will ultimately be cleansed. You will feel stronger, and more focused. The lemon water detox is definitely something to look into for people who want to get healthier.


There are diets that often turn out to be fads because they often go to extremes. Also, many people who try to lose weight and fail often do so as a result of not following a specific diet, but going to their own extreme. A lot of the fad diets are listed on various websites. The sites will tell you why they are fads and why they didn’t work. You also want to look up information on the best type of diet to take part in.


One type of diet that you must avoid is any diet that promises extremely quick results. As a matter of fact, losing weight too fast can actually be detrimental to your health. Also, be careful with diets that focus only on what you look like. While looking good is a great thing in and of itself, you don’t want to be so caught up in your looks that you ignore your health in the process. Often times, in an attempt to look better, people often find themselves in worse health before. The best type of diet to go on is one that emphasizes the importance of moderation. You want balance in your nutrients. If you just go to another extreme, you are not doing your body any favors.


Before getting on a diet, it is important to look up information on the health benefits that you can get from this diet other than losing weight. For instance, with the lemon water detox regimen, you can actually experience relief from conditions such as malaria, gout and many other conditions. The purpose of any diet or detox should be to add something good as opposed to just taking out the bad. As some health professionals say, health is not the absence of disease.

Buying a used car can be a tricky process

No one wants to spend their hard earned money just to bring home a lemon. This car buyer’s guide will help you know what to look for when buying used cars.


The first thing to do when seeking a used vehicle is to figure out your price range and find a vehicle that you can afford.


Once you have located the car that you desire the next step is to go see the vehicle in person.


First you will want to hear the vehicle start and run. Make sure that the motor runs smoothly and quietly and that no foreign noises can be heard.


Second you will want to check all critical fluids to ensure that there are no leaks and the systems are in good working order. The oil should be full and have a brown tint. This ensures that the oil is fresh and has been changed recently.


Next check your antifreeze and ensure that the coolant mixture in the reservoir is a mixture of 50% water and 50% antifreeze.


Next check the transmission fluid, it should have a red tint and should always be filled to the mark that says “full” on the dipstick.


Finally, check the brake fluid and be sure that it is full. If the brake fluid reservoir does not appear to be full it is likely that one of the brake lines has a leak and will likely need to be serviced.


 When you are buying a used car we hope this article helps you find a solid and dependable vehicle for all your transportation needs.

If you know what to look for when buying a used car you can save time, money, and


People that don’t know how to buy a used car will often purchase something that requires

repairs that are expensive.

A car buying walkthrough can help people that are trying to make informed decisions. A good

car guide will offer advice on a wide range of cars, depending on the needs of the motorist in


Motorists need to check the mileage on used cars before purchasing them. They should

do everything they can to find the car in their price range that has the lowest mileage. It’s

possible to find recent cars that were owned for only one year before they were sold again. It

may actually be cost-effective to purchase used cars that require minor repairs, since these

problems can actually artificially lower the value. There are many ways that motorists can get

quality cars when they’re exclusively looking at used cars.

San Diego diamond buyers


My sister just moved out to California this past winter, and because I knew that I she loved a lot of the jewelry I have, I wanted to make sure she didn’t want any of the pieces before I decide to sell my jewelry in San Diego for some extra spending money while I’m out there.

Fortunately she didn’t want any of my old jewelry, so I was pretty happy about that because of the fact that it meant more spending money for me. I was able to fetch a pretty solid return on my unused and unwanted jewelry items. Although I was a little sad to see a couple particular pieces go; I am happy about the new jewelry I was able to purchase at a cool indoor mall in San Diego.

How to Determine Your Home’s Replacement Cost


Most of the professionals on the insurance covers normally recommended that we go for the amount of coverage that would be equivalent to the total cost of the replacement. Hence there is always the need first for the homes owners to first determine the replacement cost of their home since this will be very effective in determine the type of policy that they will use. Some of the two main factors to help the home owners on the type of insurance policy they would go for include;

Getting the estimated cost of replacement for their homes and selecting the amount of coverage that would best fit their needs. The specialists also advised that it would be of great help to always have enough coverage in any case for the unforeseen circumstances since it is normally very hard to predict the exact the cost of your home now and in the near future.

Market value refers to the total amount the buyer would always pay for the home. According to squareoneinsurance.ca this is always inclusive of the land and does not put any consideration to the total cost that would be used in rebuilding the entire home.

Replacement cost however refers to the total rebuilding cost that would be essential in in either repairing or replacing the entire home. Most of the people normally confuse the replacement cost to be either the total outstanding amount of the mortgage loan or the market value of the home or the cost of purchasing the home. All these do not refer to the replacement cost.

Home owners are also advised to always get the estimate cost of replacement of a home before they purchase it. The following will normally help them in determine the replacement cost;

You can always involve your state farm to help you in the process of coming up either the cost of replacement.

Always enquire if the cost of replacement is available when the home appraisal is being done.

You can always consult the association for home builders or any legal and authorized builder.

According to the recent research, the building contractors have been rated as being among the best when in need of obtaining the estimated replacement cost of your home. Home owners should always ensure that the estimates include the features of the home too.

You should also consider the major factors that would impact the need for building in the area. The condition of the market in the area will too be a very major factor when you are coming up with the cost of replacement. These replacement costs are normally influenced by the costs of building materials, the man power used, the demand of the labor etc.

Using the state farm is normally of great benefit since they normally provide a coverage that is adjustable in each year. There are however some conditions that may lead to an increase in the cost of replacement. Factors like increase in the demand of the building materials will definitely make an impact.




Boat flooring comes in different shapes, size, style and costs that are worth considering while deciding which type of boat to make. All the factors will majorly be determined by the availability of finances to finance the construction of the said boat as well as other factors that the manufacturer will consider such as the durability of the materials used in flooring the boat. While constructing the boat, one too will consider the operational aspects of the boat on different conditions such as slip factors in times the boat floor is wet. It is also worth of consideration other many different factors while deciding which material s to use while constructing the boat floor.

There are different materials that one can opt to use while constructing their boat floor. The materials range from synthetic wood, natural wood, carpets and metals of different compositions such as aluminum and many more others. For those who want an elegant boat floor on their boats, they usually go for the synthetic boat floor which are very stylish and come with different added advantages that make many people prefer this type of boat flooring. This method cannot be considered to be an expensive way of flooring boats since the maintenance costs which must be considered after the initial installation are relatively low. These synthetic woods are specially manufactured with very high technology such that they will not require any special care on them in the form of oiling or special cleaning methods. This makes synthetic boat flooring to be very cheap in terms of maintenance which in other boat flooring could be very expensive making the method very expensive at long last.

Natural wood boat flooring is the other method that is commonly used for boat flooring. This method can be termed to be a bit expensive from installation to their maintenance costs after the initial installation. They are affected by different environmental conditions that make them require special care time after time and periodically re-installation of new wood to repair the ones that have been affected by water and other conditions and become untrustworthy on the boat. There are also other materials such as vinyl that can be used for boat flooring which are very expensive in installing them to the maintenance and they don’t have a long operational period.

Metal is another materials that are used for boat flooring. This is considered to be most cost effective method of boat flooring considering all factors one may choose. Metal flooring may not be as stylish as synthetic boat flooring but considering the cost effective aspects of both; the metal boat flooring will be cheaper from installation to maintenance costs. Metal boat installation requires minimum labors for installation as well as the materials are relatively cheap compared to any other boat flooring material that can be used. They require no special care on them such as painting, or special treatment after installation. Metal boat flooring also holds well in water and does not decay from the contact with water. Though metal may rust over time, their durability is more compared to any other boat flooring that can be used. Therefore, metal boat flooring can be considered to be the most cost-effective method that can be used for those who want a durable boat with minimum maintenance cost without considering so much on the stylish aspect.

Buy Targeted Traffic

With the increase in the global internet connectivity, online businesses are becoming more viable and also more profitable. For online businesses, the profitability entirely depends on targeted traffic. Investors in businesses online have to buy targeted traffic which will ensure that their site get as many visitors as desired. Starting online businesses is easy and cheap This internet traffic make money by making sales for the visits made in the websites. It has been proven that a sale has to be made for every 100 visits made on a website.

For clients to buy targeted traffic, they have to look for companies whose offerings can be able to attract as many visitors to their website as possible. Starting an online business requires one to understand the proper skills to manage online businesses and ensure that they are getting as many visits as possible. The content of the website for an online business must be of good quality and up to date to ensure that it is attractive. Secondly, increasing back-links to a website is very effective in increasing its traffic. On top of this, keywords of the business content must be focused on and this will certainly increase the ranking of the website and consequently increase traffic. All these factors, combined with ensuring that the website is attractive with an attention drawing header are guaranteed of ensuring that there is more traffic in the website. Some other attractive contents for an online business website are; useful video links, blogs and also useful and enlightening content in the website.
Proper management of the website to keep it fresh and updated is also very important. The social media is also being used greatly to ensure that the traffic is increased. This is being done by creating sign up alternatives through social media websites.

When To Consult A Roofing Specialist


If you spot damage to your roof or experience a leak then it will be obvious that you should pick up the phone and call out a roofing expert but there are many other situations that aren’t so obvious where a specialist should be called out.

One example would be if you spotted a large amount of debris bulding up in the valleys of your roof. It is important for this to be cleared out so if it is not possible for you to do it yourself then you should get in touch with a reliable roofing company who will not only be able to clear it out but also give your roof a thorough inspection to check for more damage.

It is always wise to prvent roofing problems rather than to cure them.

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Why it is Important to Buy From Amazon eBay

Visiting eBay Amazon stores for your shopping can be remedies to the ever escalating problems people find whenever they go for shopping. For example, a keen visit of the bidjapon.com will enable you find plenty of items you may wish to buy online. Also, when you buy from https://bidjapon.com/, the following are some of the outstanding achievements you are most likely to make:
1. Just in time delivery
It is important to highlight in this piece of art that the ebay managers are committed to serving their esteemed clients satisfactorily. To achieve this, one of the noble steps they have undertaken is ti ensue that the clients get their goods immediately after placing for an order.
2. Warranty for the goods sold
Shopping from eBay Amazon is equally important since there are always warrantees for the goods they sell to you. The warranty issued is always bound to stay for long, and the management is always keen to pursue the concerns of the clients.
3. Discounts
Finally, when you shop from Amazon, there are fabulous goods from which you will be able to gEt some great discounts – a factor which encourages future saving especially in the line of business. Therefore, simply click on https://bidjapon.com/, and your dreams shall turn to reality.