Experts believe that Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC, will be proposing some new regulations for the FCC that will take place for the Internet. Why is the FCC creating these regulations for the Internet? In essence, they want to set these regulations in place to make the Internet a more regulated and controlled utility. This is ultimately a move that helps to ensure net neutrality stays locked down.


What is Net Neutrality?

As stated by Jason Hope, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Scottsdale, Arizona, net neutrality is the principle that all governments and Internet service providers should treat all data on the Internet as equal. They should not be allowed to discriminate based on content, application, platform or the type of communication that is being used. In 2003, Tim Wu, a media law professor, coined this term to extend the long-term belief of the common carrier. The great thing about the Internet is that it is widely accessible and neutral to all parties. One person will not be favored simply because they are paying more money for it, and there is a low barrier of entry. Jason Hope says that is actually part of what has made the Internet so popular among everyone is how it is widely accessible to everyone.

Support from President Obama

The initiative to keep net neutrality has been adamantly supported by President Obama. He wants to eliminate the chances that providers will have the ability to block certain content while creating a fast lane that will favor the big-name corporations with a pay to play fast lane. The problem with that becoming a popular notion is how it will throttle and kill the freedom on the Internet. Before, even the little bloggers had a voice, but without net neutrality, the big corporations will have the ability to drown out the little companies simply because they have more money. That is similar to how a monopoly works.

Adding Stability to the Internet of Things

In the future, we will have an ever-growing Internet presence that is known as the Internet of things. A lot of industries will rely on this data being free, and at a lower cost. When speaking with Jason Hope, a philanthropist, IoT advocate and entrepreneur, he had a lot of great things to say about keeping the Internet open and free. He said that beyond it having a social impact, it will also have an impact from a new and education standpoint. The Internet is one of the greatest innovations of our time, and it has altered the landscape with it. It has made the world a much smaller place. You can speak with someone on the other side of the world now, and they can respond within a few seconds. Imagine that power even 100 year ago.

For the tech industry, the Internet has remained a huge whiteboard that has made some of the most interesting innovations possible.

Net Neutrality: A Hot Topic

For the last two years, net neutrality has remained a hot topic. Some people claim that prioritizing the Internet through the blocking of information and creating highways will allow for unfair competition. The most popular example of this happening has been with Comcast throttling their bandwidth to send it over to other video services like Netflix. It becomes a means for steering customers into demanding their own services, and this is precisely why we do not want to get rid of net neutrality.